Together we create a visual story. One that’s honest, raw, and undoubtedly you.



Krystle instantly felt like a warm presence in our home, getting down on our children’s level, naturally blending into a part of our daily goings-on, and offering a welcome and caring energy, despite the fact that she was there there as an observer of our family. We had to laugh afterwards because not only was it a lovely visit with engaging conversation, great ideas, and playful interactions - we received gorgeous photos afterwards! Krystle is an artist, a parent, and a teacher - each of those hats blend beautifully in her photography and her shoot sessions. We were and are so, so happy with our time with and stunning family photos that we received.
— Sarah Wolfman-Robichaud


I offer the following carefully curated packages. All digital photos are professionally edited and will be delivered within 3 weeks in print and web format through an online gallery. Images in photobooks and prints are of your choosing and will be delivered within 6-8 weeks. I have a special incentive for first time clients, please inquire with me. All rates are for the Greater Victoria Area, additional cost may apply if travel is required.

Keep scrolling to learn about the experience of a Documentary Photo Session!


A Long Short Time (1hr)


  • 1 hour documentary session, 1 location

  • 20 digital images of your choice

  • Two 5x7 archival prints

    +Add $195 for the full story, approx. 45 digital images

    +Add $175 for a custom designed 8 x 10” softcover photobook, 20 pages (40 sides)


A Part of Our Day (2hrs)


  • 2 hour documentary session, up to 2 locations

  • 20 digital images of your choice

  • Two 5x7 archival prints

    +Add $375 for the full story, approx. 75 images

$1545 A Story to Hold

  • 2 hour documentary session, up to 2 locations

  • Full story, approx. 75 digital images

  • 9”x 12” custom designed premium fine art photobook, 20 pages (40 sides).


A Day in Our Life (4 or 8hrs)

$2595 A Half-Day in Our Life

  • 4 hour documentary session, take me on your adventure!

  • The full story, approx. 125 digital images

  • 9”x 12” custom designed premium fine art photobook, 20 pages (40 sides).

$3695 A Day in Our Life

  • 8 hour documentary session, I’m with your through it all!

  • The full story, approx. 200 digital images

  • 9”x 12” custom designed premium fine art photobook, 20 pages (40 sides).

Day in the Life_a secret

I have a secret…

when we stop striving for perfection, we let our true selves shine.

Real is beautiful.

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Now you’re wondering…


What is documentary photography?

This is a style of photography in which I take pictures without providing any direction or props to the subjects (you!). This means that the moments that we capture during our session are truly unique to you, they are images of your daily life and all the good, bad and unexpected that comes with it. I am a true believer in the documentary approach, and of creating a visual story of moments that you’ll want to look back on.

What should we wear?

Our session time always starts in your home, so wear your favorite things! Clothing that you feel is comfortable and that reflects your own personal style will help you to shine in the photographs. If you’re feeling really stuck for what to wear, keep it simple. Neutral colours and simple patterns tend to show best in photographs, but if you like it loud – don’t hesitate to let it out! The most important thing is that you feel like you.

How should I prepare my home?

One of the things that attracted me to documentary photography was how much our homes and belongings reflect the stage of life that we are in. I am a big believer in capturing your environment with you, so if you prefer to keep things tidy and clean, I encourage you to tuck the clutter. If you’re like me, constantly thinking about shuffling things back into their place throughout the day, and then finally giving in to the chaos, let it be! This session is about capturing your interactions as a family at this time in life, and if that means the house hasn’t been cleaned in a week and there are piles of laundry on the bed, so-be-it.

What should we do during the session?

Just be you and go about your day as you typically would as a family. If we are connecting for a short session, I will work with you to book the session at an active time of your day – around a meal, morning routine, or an activity that you often engage in together. If we are connecting for a half day, I am confident that there will be plenty of photography worthy moments during the regular routine of your day! As a documentary photographer it is my job to photograph the magic of your connection, no special events need be planned, you be you.

What if we are sick?

Runny noses are a part of childhood. That being said - if a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or sudden rash is involved, please call me and we will discuss rescheduling.

What if our little one is having a fussy day, or didn’t sleep last night?

Big emotions are part of family life, and I am there to take in all of them for you to look back on, so that you may reflect and even pat yourselves on the back for moving through them. I will always work to capture the full range of expressions that show themselves throughout the day, they are each beautiful, worth remembering and part of your journey.

Will you capture a traditional family portrait?

There will not be any studio lights, backdrops or directed posing involved in our session, but I always work to take pictures of the whole family together in a natural way. If you have a special request, please discuss them with me before the session so I can do my best to accommodate.