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Before we tell your story, here’s a bit about me. I am a mother to two girls, and a partner to an amazing man who keeps my spirit alive. When life takes us on unexpected journeys, I aim to find the light that is not always so apparent at first, because these are often our best opportunities for growth. I believe in community, being a good neighbour and staying connected to my pack. I have a degree in Interior Design and a deep appreciation for well made objects. I am passionate about visual literacy and the imagination, and I put this into action by teaching architecture and design to all ages. I do not shy from the challenge of an adventure; whether it be in travel, singing, or sliding into a dusty base at the ball diamond. These things fuel my soul.

I have always been a photographer, and keep my film tank around because I love the craft of bringing an image to life old school style. At my sessions I get to spend time with awesome people who sit comfortably in their day regardless of what it brings. My style is to capture life in an unscripted fashion that will ignite the emotion and memory of that time for generations.

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